Produced by

Ontroerend Goed, Vooruit, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd

Written by

Karolien De Bleser, Charlotte De Bruyne, Majan Deschutter, Aurélie Lannoy, Anemone Valcke and Verona Verbakel


Sirens, a feminist manifesto for the 21st century.

Sirens is written – and performed – by six young women, members of the internationally renowned Belgian company, Ontroerend Goed.

It is their heartfelt, yet irreverent, feminist manifesto for the 21st century.

They describe a new journey of contemporary femininity: their expectations, persisting inequalities, hard-fought rights, self-censorship and everyday abuse.

Cooperating like a musical sextet, they scream, laugh, sing, speak and cry their way through their experiences as women in the modern Western world, with new-found joys and liberties. They’ve taken control of their lives, expression and appearance and moved on, past militant anti-male rage to the hope that men can be just as feminist as they are.

Sirens – six young women, both alluring and alarming. The stage is theirs.


Theatre Royal Plymouth
Monday 24th – Saturday 29th November 2014

Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium
17 – 19 April 2014

KC Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium
25 & 26 April 2014

Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium
29 April 2014

STUL, Leuven, Belgium
30 April 2014

Theater aan Zee, Belgium
30 & 31 July 2014

Summerhall, Edinburgh
12 – 24 August 2014

Minardanschouwburg, Ghent, Belgium
23 & 24 September 2014

Soho Theatre, London
2 December 2014 – 4 January 2015

CC Knokke-Heist, Belgium
5 December 2014

Jersey Arts Centre, St. Helier
27 - 28 January 2015



“It’s the unexpected juxtapositions that make this beautifully put-together show so startling and so thought-provoking. Big, bold, brazen, and not a hussy in sight. Only real women asking what it means to be a feminist.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“It develops into a kind of beautiful howl of modern womanhood that echoes long after the cast leaves the stage”
The Independent

The Stage

“A bold critique of everyday sexism”


Verona Verbakel

Charlotte De Bruyne

Majan Deschutter

Karolien De Bleser

Aurélie Lannoy

Anemone Valcke

Creative Team

Alexander Devriendt

Written by
Karolien De Bleser, Charlotte De Bruyne, Majan Deschutter, Aurélie Lannoy, Anemone Valcke, Verona Verbakel

Joeri Smet & Mieke Versyp

Stage Design
Sophie De Somere

Manu Verschueren

Stine Sampers

Joris Blanckaert

Technique Creation
Jasper Taelemans & Elke Verachtery