2017 Productions

The Here and This and Now

Produced by
Theatre Royal Plymouth

Written by
Glen Waldronn


“I just don’t know if I’m ever happy. Like, really truly happy. Even if you sent me up to space, by day four I’d be worrying if I had enough stuff on my Kindle…”

In a faded country house hotel in England, a group of medical reps from the world’s seventy-ninth largest pharmaceutical company have been summoned for an office awayday. Potential office romances aside, it’s strictly business-as-usual: endless team-building exercises, an over-ambitious boss and the wrong sort of biscuits. Little does anyone know that change is clearly coming…

Introducing a bold new play from the Plymouth writer of Forever House that asks ‘is happiness ever more than a state of mind?’


Theatre Royal Plymouth
Thursday 09th > Saturday 25th March 2017

Southwark Playhouse
Wednesday 10th January > Saturday 10th February 2018


Brilliantly taut black comedy
The Stage

“let's also tip our hat to Stokes' Theatre Royal Plymouth, a regional producing house that consistently punches above its weight with new drama. In fact, I can't remember being hit harder.”


Jessica Clark
Simon Darwen
Becci Gemmell
Andy Rush


Glenn Waldron
Simon Stokes
Set & Costumer Designer
Bob Bailey
Lighting Designer
Andy Purves
Sound Designer
Adrienne Quartly
Casting Director
Stephen Moore CDG
Costume Supervisor
Delia Lancaster


£¥€$ (Lies)

Written by 
Ontroerend Goed


Produced by
Ontroerend Goed in co-production with Arts Centre Vooruit Ghent, Theatre Royal Plymouth and Richard Jordan Productions


Take your seats. Place your bets. Play the game.

Imagine you are super rich, part of the elite 1% who pull the strings at the very heart of the global economic system. Ontroerend Goed, the company that brought you Fight Night and A History of Everything invite you, for one night, to sit at the table and play the system from within.

Tonight, you call the shots. Your decisions shape the course we’re all about to take.

And who knows? You might make the world a fairer, better and more responsible place. Because you’ll do things differently, for sure.

£¥€$ (Lies) is the latest interactive show from the internationally acclaimed Ontroerend Goed and marks our tenth co-production with them, one of the most dynamic, innovative and exciting theatre companies in the world.


Vooruit Arts Centre
Sunday 7th > Saturday 13th May

Theatre Royal Plymouth
Wednesday 7th > Saturday 24th June 2017

Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Aug 4-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27


Joeri Smet
Angelo Tijssens
Karolien De Bleser
Samir Veen
Hannah Boer
Aurélie Lannoy
Joeri Heegstra
Britt Bakker
Charlotte De Bruyne
Bastiaan Vandendriessche
Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven
Robin Keyaert
Max Wind
Sjef van Schie
Aaron Gordon


Alexander Devriendt

Joeri Smet
Angelo Tijssens
Karolien De Bleser
Alexander Devriendt

Technical support
Babette Poncelet, Iben Stalpaert

Astrid Peeters

Johannes Genard

Nick Mattan


Koba Ryckewaert, Zach Hatch
Julie Behaegel (intern)

Assistant Producer
Charlotte Nyota Bischop (intern)

Producer for Ontroerend Goed
David Bauwens

Tour Administration
Karen Van Ginderachter

Me & Robin Hood 

Written by
Shôn Dale-Jones


Produced by
A Hoipolloi & Royal Court Theatre Productions co-production in association with Pleasance, PBJ Management and Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Me & Robin Hood is Hoipolloi’s brand new show about Shôn Dale-Jones’s longstanding relationship with his favourite fictional friend.

Shôn first met Robin Hood in the autumn of 1975, as a seven-year-old-boy and they have been good mates ever since. Robin’s been going crazy recently about the direction our world is heading. This show is his idea. He’s convinced we need to change the story of money if we really want to do something about inequality and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. To start the process, we’re selling tickets to the show for a fiver or a tenner. You know what you can afford, we’ll leave it up to you but both are a steal by today’s market.

Me & Robin Hood seeks to raise money for Street Child United, a charity that uses the power of sport to change the way the world negatively sees and treats street-connected children. Robin suggests you might want to bring cash on the night…



Pleasance Queen Dome, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Wed 02 > Sun 27 Aug 2017 (not Tue 15 or Tue 22) 

Royal Court Theatre
Mon 04 > Sat 16 Sep 2017

Det Andreteatret, Oslo
Fri 22 > Sat 23 Sep 2017

Theatre Royal Plymouth
Tue 26 Sep > Sat 07 Oct 2017

Cambridge Junction
Wed 18 Oct 2017

Liverpool Everyman
Thu 02 > Sat 4 Nov 2017


Shôn Dale-Jones


A Reason to Talk 

Written by
Sachli Gholamalizad

Produced by
Kunstz, KVS, and Richard Jordan Productions with Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Big in Belgium and Summerhall


Is this a story of extremes, of bi-cultural upbringing, or is it simply the story of all mothers and daughters? Sachli Gholamalizad, a young Belgian actress of Iranian descent, questions her troubled relationship with her mother. Through fusing together recordings, diary excerpts, memories, novels and soundscapes from both Belgium and Iran, Sachli, dives into her family’s history and the contradictions in the lives of these three women, confronting both her mother and grandmother in a thrilling and unruly multi-media performance.


Theatre Royal Plymouth
Thu 16 > Sat 25 Nov


Sachli Gholamalizad