Produced by

Theatre Royal Plymouth, Ontroerent Goed, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd, and Vooruit

Written by

Joeri Smet and Alexander Devriendt 


I’ve been in an audience for quite a while now. Nothing beats the buzz of being ‘there’ sitting among my fellow audience members hearing them laugh, smelling them, and clapping to the rhythm of their clapping. Sometimes I’m more interested in them than in the show.

I wonder how long I could watch them. Probably as long as I could stand them watching me. But there’s so many of them and I am on my own. I’d be outnumbered.

Let’s play it safe.
We’ll watch the audience together.

Inspired by analyses of mass behaviour, management-techniques and rhetorical tricks, Audience looks at how people behave when surrounded by other people. You can choose to join in, or you can just watch. It’s up to you, the audience.


Theatre Royal Plymouth
2nd – 12th November 2011

Hasselt Belgium
1st - 2nd April 2011

Edinburgh Festival
5th - 28th August 2011

27th - 28th September 2011

5th - 7th October 2011

19th November 2011

Soho Theatre London
6th December - 7th January 2012

28th - 29th February 2012

30th - 31st March 2012



"Ontroerend Goed know full well that what they are doing here will inspire debate. They invite it and then hijack it, providing their performance with a greater social context."
The Times

"There is undoubted power in the piece… it’s a fascinating and slippery hour, and if nothing else, proves that an audience isn’t just integral to a show it can “be” the show, and theatre is a forum to work out who we are, what we think and understand that sometimes being a witness is not enough. Sometimes we must stand up and break the rules. Being a really bad audience can be a really good thing."
Lyn Gardner - The Guardian

"'Audience’ makes a slick and aggressive case for considering how we might conceive of ourselves as an audience: as receivers of, and responders to messages: how we might recognise ourselves – when broadcasted, when scrutinised, when singled-out or brought together."
Exeunt Magazine


Maria Dafneros
Tieman Van Haver
Angelo Tijssens
Matthieu Sys

Creative Team

Aaron De Keyzer

Directed by
Alexander Devriendt

Joeri Smet and Alexander Devriendt

Lighting Design and Music
Timme Afschrift

Scenography and Costumes
Sophie De Somere

Stage Technician
Wim Hermans and Jon Barron