20 years at Theatre Royal Plymouth and I still find working on cutting-edge new plays exciting, if not a little nerve racking. I remain passionate about providing a platform for new and emerging artists, whether the talent is local, national or international.

There are no more influential names currently in British playwriting than Mike Bartlett (Love, Love, Love 2010), Abi Morgan (Tender 2001, Lovesong 2011), James Graham (The Man 2010, The Angry Brigade 2014, Monster Raving Loony 2016) and Jack Thorne (The Solid Life of Sugar Water 2015). Each of these playwrites has brought new work to the Drum in recent years and Plymouth has played its part in their development.

As well as unleashing new talent, the key for me is finding the right story, a story which I believe will not only transport the audience to a new time or place but will offer a new perspective and ideas worth sharing. For details of the TRP produced shows on your doorstep this Spring see Forthcoming Shows.

I do hope to see you soon


Simon Stokes