Chekhov in Hell

Produced by

Theatre Royal Plymouth

Written by

Dan Reballato


“I don’t know who he is but he’s old, he’s got to know stuff…he’s got to be like wise and stuff yeah?”

Anton Chekhov, masterful playwright and mirror to Russian society, awakening from one hundred years of sleep is thrust rudely into twenty first century Britain. Reality shows, fashionistas, Z-list celebrities, illegal immigrants, chuggers and wags. Pole dancing,
YouTube, Twitter and Metrosexuals. Chekhov in Hell takes you on a whirlwind tour of modern day Britain.


Theatre Royal Plymouth
Thursday 4th - Saturday 20th November 2010


"Simon Stokes’ excellent production keeps the whole thing bubbling along, and if the show never quite finds an emotionally satisfying balance between the farcical and the heartfelt, it’s a neat 90 minutes performed with real skill and flair by a superb cast"
The Guardian


Anton Chekhov
Simon Gregor

Olga Knipper, Nurse, Language Student, WPC Gregory, Claire Willis, Jemma, Lap Dancer, Cheryl, Valerie Kelly
Emily Raymond

Doktor Schwöhrer, Cardiac Specialist, Language Student, Aleksandr, Steve, Clergyman
Paul Rider

Gregor, Doctor, Language Student, Jade, Mike, Security Guard, Max, James Ward, Policeman
Jonathan Broadbent

Nicholas, Physiotherapist, Language Student, PC Aston, Neil, Martin, Nick, Bob, Craig
Geoffrey Lumb

Nicola, Language Student, Sarah, Lap Dancer, Sally, Cathy, Mimi, Lynn, Marica, Selina, Jessica, Irina
Ruth Everett


Creative Team

Simon Stokes

Bob Bailey

Lighting Designer
Bruno Poet

Sound Designer
Adrienne Quartly

Lucy Jenkins and Sooki McShane

Russian Translator
Noah Birksted-Breen

Dialect Coach
William Connacher